Monthly Archives: December 2018

Remove public URL on shared hosting | Laravel

Laravel out of the oven is not prepared for being deployed on shared hosting. I often use shared hosting for testing web apps as it’s the easiest and fastest way of having an app running in WWW.See bellow what changes are required in order to make Laravel work on shared hosting. First step is to Continue Reading »

Convert seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Learn how to convert number of seconds into days, minutes, hours and seconds. That’s it. You can now create a countdown timer, display the difference between two dates or just print  the time until something great happens. You now have 4 variables with values as follows: Bonus! Learn how to pad the values with 0 Continue Reading »

How to build dynamic query in Laravel

Dynamic query allows us to start with a base query and extend it so that we properly filter our data. You probably already used and know what Laravel is and how to create a basic database query. We’ll cut straight to the problem: How do we dynamically apply query conditions in Laravel? Let’s take a Continue Reading »

Google Ads placement In WordPress Sidebar

Writing articles and maintaining a website takes some time and is not exactly free. If you want to start monetizing your WordPress website you could use Google AdSense and place Google Ads in your website or mobile app. There are a few steps until you can manage to show ads on your websites. Let’s get Continue Reading »