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Docker Swarm Tutorial – Getting Started

  1. Activating Docker Swarm on Manager Node
  2. Attaching Worker Nodes to the Swarm

A great alternative to Kubernetes is Docker Swarm. It allows you to orchestrate services deployed on multiple nodes that are controlled by a node called manager.

First of all you need to have Docker Tools installed on all nodes.

Activating Docker Swarm on Manager Node

docker swarm init --advertise-addr <IP_OF_MANAGER_NODE>

Attaching Nodes to the Docker Swarm

After you activate the Manager Node you will receive a token that can be used to attach. worker nodes to the Manager Node.

docker swarm join --token <TOKEN> <IP_OF_MANAGER_NODE:PORT> (2377 default port)

After you run this command, you should see the message “This node joined a swarm as a worker.